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Improve your eyesight naturally

This book was first published in 2005 and have since been translated into German, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Polish, Litauenian, Portuguese, Italian, Chines and Turkish.


"Long interested in investigating the seemingly far-fetched claims people have made that vision could be improved naturally, without glasses. I attended Leo Angart’s course, in which he puts the principles in this book into action. To my amazement, by doing the exercises over the several days of the course, my wife and I both found that we needed, between the four eyes, about 3/4 of a diopter less prescription correction per eye.

Both of use, who had been requiring increased prescriptions every couple of years, were now able to return to the prescriptions of several years before (about a diopter less per eye) and spend more time wearing no glasses at all within a few days. As important, we learned that some of the factors theta meme it hard for many of us to see clearly, also put long term pressure on the eyes, setting them up for more serious problems in old age. Thus, some of the exercises Leo describes here not only improve eight, but also appear to protect our eyes over the course of our lives."

Norman Doidge, MD, author of The Brain That Changes Itself.



“This book really does offer the opportunity to read again without glasses. At first I thought this was a fanciful idea but the book clearly and eloquently gives evidence to back up the claim. It debunks many of the myths around eyesight which, unfortunately, most people see as true. Having the book and DVD together is great as it offers the next best thing to going to an actual workshop. Even through the exercises are easy to follow they are still very effective. The book and DVD leave you more information about your specific vision condition, with practical steps as to how to improve it.”

“If you are prepared to do the exercises in a non-judgemental way (i.e. by asking how can my eyes improve without laser surgery?) you will definitely reap the benefits.”

“I highly recommend this book to anyone.”

Anthony Barret, Co Developer of Sleepora.




“Leo Angart is a vision artisan who has been immensely helpful to both my children (and me). Magic Eyes is a treasure trove of knowledge that Leo has study and hands-on experience. He has developed techniques that rapidly correct visual accumulated over years of afflictions from which children (and adults) suffer; thus restoring normal vision naturally.”

Russell Park-Miller, parent.

Children are sometimes prescribed glasses at a very young age but there are natural methods that can make your child’s eyes healthy and strong and eliminate the need for glasses.

Leo Angart runs workshops all over the world, helping people to regain their natural vision and throw away their glasses for good. He has encountered an increasing number of children whose eyesight has been adversely affected by their glasses or who don’t really need glasses at all.

"In Magic Eyes Leo shares his experience and explains what you can do to help transform your child’s eyesight. He demystifies common eye conditions, explains their causes and suggests simple solutions you can try at home. Case studies, diagrams and step-by-step exercises will show you how your child can perfect their vision.

“I very much like this book; it is the best of its kind, written by an author who combines scientific knowledge with lifelong experience and common sense. It is very important to let people know that there is a way besides evidence based medicine, which could support classic intervention given that so many people suffer from unsuccessful treatment.”

Alexander Raditschnig , MSc Optometry


What readers say ...


  • Review by Deborah Rose, hypnotherapist and Senior Lecturer


    Having been freely playing with shorted sightedness since taking A’ levels, I turned to Leo Angart book, ‘Improve your eye sight naturally’, to conceive another way at looking at this way of seeing myopia.

    Angart, helped me dream up another vision. He assumes that the reader comes from a foundation of personal creation. One of reinvention. The functional source of the gifted eye. The way he writes provokes you to so imagine you really believe about eyesight. He encourages you to check it out. It’s not the absolute truth. He tempts you explore it.

    What is your external vision like, and how it marries with what your internal vision. So, taking all of that into account, Angart, expands and wakes up the traditional approach to vision. So alternative questions are opened up, like what does my eyesight mean? Or, if this is in front of me, why am I having I? How am I a part of this?

    He honours the eyes, yet his is not all woo woo. His writing is ruthlessly connected to all that is fun and scientific. He got me to check out the science around laser treatment as I played around with the ideas around my eyesight.

    What if ‘I’ were better eyesight? Seems to be what Angart opened me up to. He plays with gestalt, and asks you to consider what is happening outside, externally, because it reflects what is happening inside of one’s inner vision. Great, easy to appreciate visuals used to express these ideas too.

    Angart ask you to break free from identifying with your current vision and instead step back and ask,’ if I were to take sight as a message, what would I see, or why am I creating this form of eyesight.

    Angart, takes good care of us. A great history section, as it gave me an understanding of what sight really is and the ways that the eyes have been treated throughout recent history. Again, I was really unfamiliar with the technology behind laser treatment and Angart projects a really easy to understand picture of why some countries use it or avoid it.

    So Angart, gives us lots of interesting metaphors. Full of insights, he nudges you into thinking about eyesight and how to increase a brighter vision we want in our lives, using our imaginations. He gets you to see yourself as the authority figure in your own life. He encourages you to bring in lots of positive energy around your own responsibility of one’s own clear vision and fully grasping that.

    So in summary, in my eyes, this book gave me two points. Where I was and where I wanted to go to. Using lots of NLP and energy chi exercises. It gave me lots of easy to follow drills.

    The good news is that I have stopped relying on wearing glasses for the entire day. Follow his instructions I have built up time in the day where instead I take them off, warm up my eyes with the chi energy exercise and generally feel more empowered. I am not 20:20 yet, on target. I love the clear picture. For me, it’s a happy empowerment book, light yet technical, playful yet serious. Yes, the book is a gift of visual independence.


    Deborah Rose
    Senior Lecturer