wow , wow ……………. , I’m sitting here typing these lines completely with out my glasses ……. , I can feel

 that I need energy , so I do the exercise …….. , and keep working on my progress ,,,, !

 I’m so over the moon I just like to pass my regards once more on to Leo

                              F A N T A S T I C

 many thanks

 Kindest regards,

Peter Staebner


A few months later this email came in my in box

You may remember me I\'m the \" Going to be commercial Pilot in Melbourne \" , was at your course Oct 2008 , finished all my theorie courses , did ( passed ) my Instrument rating and in another 4 - 5 weeks I go for my commercial flight test , so things are moving ..... , now the best news I went to the \" Class One Medical examination \" this initial one is the hard one to pass , all is ok , and I got it in writing that I don\'t need glasses for flying and or map reading at night .... , they put however some drops in my eyes and noted that I\'m a bit long sighted but not to that degree that I require glasses , so I keep doing the excercise .... , not yet at the candle light stage but I\'m getting there ...

many thanks again for the eye opneing experience , please feel free to publish the above and best reagrds to Monika Cruz

Best regards

Peter Staebner


Hi Monika,

Just thought I'd tell you a story.  This morning I went out to buy a newspaper and after I bought it I realized that I had left my spectacles at home! Oh oh, and then I looked at the newsprint, and lo and behold, I could read it!  Had my coffee and read the paper without glasses!

Vision was not perfect, but it was a vast improvement on what it was previously.

  Regards and thanks

  Frank Jockel Ph.D


I have gone from thinking vaguely that it is possible to improve my eyesight naturally to knowing it is possible through the exercises in Leo's workshop. I look forward to getting rid of my reading glasses in two weeks - thanks Leo.

Anne Redsell, Melbourne.


Very great workshop! Its for anyone who wants better or best vision! I've already seen results and look forward to seeing more. I can't wait to share the information. Fantasic!

Leslie Wander.


Recommend the workshop in order to learn techniques to improve and maintain healthy eyes. Many positive results seen. Thank you for giving me back my healthy eyes.

M. Botap


Thanks Leo, that was fantastic. I loved your holistic approach and clever way of altering our beliefs. I always belived it was possible, biut now I have the tools!

Tahne Wolf


The workshop has been excellent mingled with a great sense of humour. I will go away with tools to achieve my ideal of no longer needing glasses. I see now it can be achieved.

I learned a lot and enjoyed Leo's muour throughout. Knowing "how" to improve my vision will enable me to fullfil my belief that I don't need glasses.

Thank's Leo, can't wait to get home and start my son on the exercises.


© 2013 Leo Angart