What is hyperopia?

By Leo Angart

Hyperopia or far sight affects about 8 % of all children. In many cases hyperopia is detected because the child complain of eye pain. The eyes of someone who is far sighted have a resting point that is about twice as far as other children. When the child starts to go to kindergarten or to school they are required to draw and learn to write and read.

This activity demand that the eyes be turned in much more than when the child looking far away. As a result eye strain develop and the child can feel it. Many children do not realize they are far sighted before they are tested becauce of the childs natural focusing capacity.

Far sighted children have difficulty with near vision activities such as reading. Especially for longe periods of time. Usually, plus lenses are presecribed in order to reduce the eye strain.

There is also some old research, no longer relevent, that suggest that far sight lead to strabismus or amblyopia. This is no longer considered to be the case.


Hyperopia responds well to vision training exercises

Often you see amazing results with children and adults alike.

How effective is Vision Training?

By Leo Angart

Often plus lenses are prescribed to be as powerful as the child can tolerate. This result is children wearing plues lenses that are far too strong for them. Wearing plus lenses for any length of time alters the visual function of the child's eyes. In some cases the child's distance vision is affected as well. In other cases the child can't even read without the plus lenses.

The Vision Training approach - seek to build up the childs natural visual stamina so he or she can easily focus and glasses are not needed. This can sometimes reulst is dramatic reduction or total elimination of the plus lenses. From time to time it is discovered that the child did not need the glasses in the first place.

Christof, seven years old wearing + 8 lenses in both eyes. He could not read without his glasses. He had constant headaches and stressed eyes. With the Vision Training exercises over two days, Christof was able to reduce his diopters from + 8 to +3.50 and could now read without eyestrain and headaches. Later he needs to reduce the plus power gradually as his eyes return to normal.

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What people say ...

  • "After many months of eager anticipation, Rebecca and I attended Leo's Magic Eyes workshop. Leo was able to quickly assess which exercises would be most important for each child in attendance, and we set to work! The results of these simple exercises were almost immediate.

    Rebecca was so keen she was trying them in the car on the way home! After only the first session, for the first time in over seven years, Rebecca could take her glasses off and her eye would not turn! This was a very emotional time for all of us, and we cannot thank Leo enough for his help.

    We have now been working on the exercises for a few weeks, and not only is Rebecca's turn rarely evident, her near points and far points have improved for each eye, and she has gone from wearing +4.5 lenses to +3 lenses. We still have a ways to go, but we are very determined!

    Leo's knowledge is invaluable, and we only wish we had come across the techniques years ago. Our great dream for others is that Leo's strategies become the first point of call for children experiencing difficulties with their eyes. All we can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

    P.S. - Rebecca is keenly passing on information about the next workshops to others with glasses, even her teacher at school! "


    Melbourne, Australia
  • 親愛的 Leo,親愛的司徒女士:


    7月14日第一次到工作坊時,子敬有 300 度的近視,眼睛疲勞沒有神采,我們用 Leo 教授的繩索練習法和會聚力練習法回家積極練習,到7月15日的傍晚,子敬的近視已經降到 100 度以下了!簡直不可思議!7月16日第二次到工作坊時,看著 Leo 用視力表來訓練餘下的 100 度近視和用那有趣的小丑圖來治療省光,我已經由當初的半信半疑變到信心滿滿加上感激不已!






    Hong Kong
  • Quite an an eye-opener. Amazing results within such a short span of time.

    Useful to motivate Janelle and convince her that it can be done.
    Janelle liked the alphabet exercise best of all. I liked the information provided and the eye chart exercises.
    I would recommend the workshop. Useful knowledge for the whole family. ”


    J. Chang..
    Mother, Singapore