By Leo Angart

With astigmatism images blur or objects you look at are distorted. In ordinary far- and near-sight the eye refracts all light rays with the same degree of error, in astigmatism the error varies in different planes. Typically the cornea have the greatest refractive power at the vertical meridian The 12 o’clock, 6 o’clock line of the watch dial. This is known as with-the-rule astigmatism or direct astigmatism. This is by far the most common type of astigmatism, about 88% of all cases.

The less common against-the-rule astigmatism occurs when the refractive power of the cornea is greater along the horizontal meridian, or the 9 o’clock – 3 o’clock line on the watch. About 5% of all cases are against-the-rule astigmatism. Indeed, it is possible to have astigmatism at any point of the compass and it is also possible to have horizontal as well as oblique astigmatism.

The conventional explanation is that the fault is inherent in the eyeball – either in the cornea or the entire eyeball is supposed to be congenitally distorted. Ophthalmologists define astigmatism as generally caused by toroidal anterior corneal surface.

Hofsteller and Rife (1953) concluded that astigmatism was mostly an environmentally determined trait. Lyle (1965) believed that no hereditary patterns was discernable for astigmatism under 2 diopters.

In other words astigmatism is an irregularity in the curvature of the cornea caused by tension and pressure on the eyeball. In rare instances, astigmatism forms in the lens or the retina.

Optometrists correct astigmatism by introducing a cylinder lens element. The combination of spherical and cylindrical elements forms a complex curved shape, somewhat like the sections of a football.

Many people have the misconception that astigmatism is an actual disease which it is not. There are people who can spontaneously generate up to 3 diopters of astigmatism. Contrary to traditional belief, astigmatism is very fluid and easy to correct. Relaxation is the key to correcting astigmatism.

Astigmatism can be exercised away.


How effective is Vision Training?

By Leo Angart

The Vision Training approach for astigmatism involve the release of tension held in any of the muscles around the eye. In most cases you will notice an improvement after doing the exercise just a few times. I have often seen astigmatism go after doing the exercise one or two times. In most cases you will need to do the exercise for a few days. In rare cases exercises may be needed for longer periods. The are people who have gotten rid of very hight degree of astigmatim from 4.5 diopters after 6 weeks of doing the exercise. People who have corrected their astigmatism with Vision Training often say that they wished that they knew about this when their astigmatism was first discovered.

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Yes, astigmatism can be trained away and its often very quick.

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  • "My son has been using Leo’s exercises for the past couple of years and has, by doing so, gone from a point where we were practically accused of child abuse by his school nurse for ignoring his deteriorating eyesight and not getting him glasses, to the point now where he is learning to drive glasses free, which thoroughly vindicates our belief in Leo’s methods.

    This is powerful stuff which should be taught in schools – rather than carting kids off to the opticians to condemn them to a life behind glasses. I urge everyone who wants to solve their eyesight problems to try Leo’s methods. Attending his workshop is by far the best way of doing this but, If this isn’t possible, Leo has written 3 books covering his methods"


    Crown House Publishing, UK.
  • Quite an an eye-opener. Amazing results within such a short span of time.

    Useful to motivate Janelle and convince her that it can be done.
    Janelle liked the alphabet exercise best of all. I liked the information provided and the eye chart exercises.
    I would recommend the workshop. Useful knowledge for the whole family. ”



    J. Chang..
    Mother, Singapore.
  • Hi LEO

    Thank you very much for solving my problem I can read and i like read- ing too.

    I read COOL it is a book by Michael Morpurgo it is about a kid who gets knocked over by a car and is in a coma and his dog get him back .

    But just so you know i did not do the X’s 50 times, but it still worked it is like magic thank you.

    I’ve told my friend Celeste to do it because she has dyslexia from ROCKY. (10 years old) London. U.K.


    ROCKY (10 years old)
    London, UK