How I discovered this?

I wore glasses for more than 26 years before I discovered that I could do something about it. I heard that people who spent a lot of time exercising could eventually recover their vision, however, coming from the western world I wanted something that produced results quickly.

In 1991 I was reading a book by John Grinder and Richard Bandler titled "Trance-formations, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the structure of Hypnosis, 1981." In this book, on page 166, they talk about hypnotically regressing someone back to being 5 years old and of course having perfect eyesight. They brought him back to the present keeping the 5-year-old eyesight - and it worked! This was exciting news, so I started to look around for a hypnotist that I thought could do this for me. However, the Universe had other ideas, because I could not find anyone. therefore I started to search for other ways of improving my eyesight.

One of the things that set me thinking was the research done in connection with people who have multiple personality disorder (MPD). A Chicago psychiatrist Bennett Braun (1983) working with such patients took them to an optometrist and while hypnotized, the patients were able to switch from one personality to another.

The optometrist examined the vision of each personality. He was astounded to discover that vision shifted along with personality. Chriss Sizemore, the subject of the book and movie "Three faces of Eve," experienced different vision in different personalities. Far-sightedness, astigmatism, and colour blindness altered with the personalities.

There are actual measurable changes in the shape of the eyes and the pressure within them. People with multiple personalities also exhibit other dramatic changes like needing insulin in one personality and not in another, depending on whether the personality is diabetic or not.

All this leads to the conclusion that vision problems are not physical, they are a software problem, its in the mind. MPD's exhibit the changes very dramatically and rapidly. This research shatters the common belief that vision is fixed and deteriorates with age.

The final piece that made the difference was Pranic Healing. I met Master Choa Kok Sui in the early 1980's before he published his first book "The Ancient Art & Science of Pranic Healing, 1987" From reading his book and other healing practices I have developed my ability to work on the etheric energy level. Pranic Healing enables you to remove stagnant energy in the eyes and replace it with fresh energy. I started doing the Pranic Healing process every two hours for the first week. Initially I stumbled to work without glasses and worked until after lunch before putting on my glasses again. However after a week of doing this I no longer needed my glasses and I have not used them since.

I did not have 20/20 vision, but I was comfortable without my glasses and in the following days and weeks my vision kept extending further and further out. Since 1992 my vision has been normal and I do not need any correction at all.

I wanted to find a way to integrate the principles of NLP and develop a Vision Training program that is effective and that can be taught in a workshop format. This way many more people can benefit. I have presented Vision Training workshops around the world more than 20 years.

What you are about to start on is a journey of discovering your natural vision. It is my conviction that no one need wear lenses or other corrective devices. There is no one way that is particularly right. What matter is that you learn to relax and see again.see the world as it really is..


What is vision training?

We all know that we can train to become a better tennis player, a better swimmer or whatever sport you prefer. Sports performance is trainable. If you had a broken arm or a leg you will know that after the bone has grown together you will need to do physiotherapy exercises in order to get back the normal function of your arm or leg. The focusing of your eye us done by muscles. However, the muscles are controlled by the brain. So just as you can train yourself to run faster you also train yourself to see better.

Vision training is a way of restoring your eyesight back to normal by doing specific exercises need in your particular case. The good news is that when you have restored your vision back the the way nature intended it to be you are done. Its normal to have good eyesight!

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