Vision Training in

The book says get rid of your glasses. 
That's what I want to do.
Now, I got the tools to do that. 
I never understood my sight with any eye doctors.
I got a very clear idea of how my vision works and how I can make it better, and Leo has helped me do that.

Elizabeth Nass, Toronto


• About how do your eyes work.
• What glasses do to your eyes.
• How Vision Training works like physiotherapy for the eyes.
• What is then best lighting for reading and work?
• How to work smart with computers.
• How to remove stress / pain from your eyes.
• How to never have tired eyes anymore.
• Tips about what you can do about Dry Eye.
• Tips about what you can do about Cataracts.


• Simple, yet accurate way of measuring your diopters yourself.
• How to relieve tired eyes permanently.
• How to balance the eyesight so both eyes are equally good.
• How you can deal with high degree of myopia.
• How to order new glasses?
• How to restore your distance vision for driving..


• How reading glasses affect your eyes.
• How progressive reading glasses affect your eyes.
• How to reduce the power of your rating glasses as you improve.
• How to eliminate eye strain when reading?
• Exercises to restore you ability to read small print without glasses.


• What is Astigmatism?
• How to test for Astigmatism yourself.
• How Vision Training is different from correction with cylinder forms.
• Exceptionally effective exercise to get rid of your Astigmatism.
• What to do with your glasses?
• How to effectively relax your eye muscles..


• What is Eye Coordination and what”s the effect?
• Why it’s usually not tested?
• Easy and effective way to test for Eye Coordination problems.
• How to restore perfect Eye Coordination.
• How to restore Eye Coordination in all angles and distances.
• How Eye Coordination problems makes it difficult to read.


• What is Strabismus?
• What is needed to restore normal vision without surgery?
• The most effective Strabismus exercise.
• How to restore 3D vision.
• There are two types of Amblyopia.
• Best exercises for Myopic Amblyopia.
• Best exercises for Hyperopic Amblyopia.
• How to restore balance between your two eyes..

Vision Training in Singapore

with Leo Angart

S$ 750.00 - Groups of 3 or more S$ 645.00 each.

WEEKEND 23 AND 24 February, 2019- from 10:00 TO 17:00 each day

For more information please contact:

+65 6443 0259 / 6443 6522 / Whatsapp: 8522 3890

Disclaimer: Vision training is not a substitution for consultation with an optometrist or any other medical professional. The success rate of vision training is dependant on the individual and is not a guaranteed treatment nor permanent measure to correct all refractive errors.


What People Say...

"My son has been using Leo’s exercises for the past couple of years and has, by doing so, gone from a point where we were practically accused of child abuse by his school nurse for ignoring his deteriorating eyesight and not getting him glasses, to the point now where he is learning to drive glasses free, which thoroughly vindicates our belief in Leo’s methods.

This is powerful stuff which should be taught in schools – rather than carting kids off to the opticians to condemn them to a life behind glasses. I urge everyone who wants to solve their eyesight problems to try Leo’s methods. Attending his workshop is by far the best way of doing this but, If this isn’t possible, Leo has written 3 books covering his methods"


David Bwman
Crown House Publishers, U.K.


Thank you very much for solving my problem I can read and i like readng too.

I read COOL it is a book by Michael Morpurgo it is about a kid who gets knocked over by a car and is in a coma and his dog get him back .

But just so you know i did not do the X’s 50 times, but it still worked it is like magic thank you.

I’ve told my friend Celeste to do it because she has dyslexia."

10 years old, London, U.K.

“ Quite an an eye-opener. Amazing results within such a short span of time.

Useful to motivate Janelle and convince her that it can be done.
Janelle liked the alphabet exercise best of all. I liked the information provided and the eye chart exercises.
 I would recommend the workshop. Useful knowledge for the whole family. ”


J. Chang
Mother, Singapore

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