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More about astigmatism

Eye doctors generally believe that astigmatism is mostly inherited and
perhaps partly environmentally caused. They also believe that it does
not go away and will probably get worse over time. While the aim of
the vision-training astigmatism exercise is to eliminate corneal
astigmatism by releasing the tension, it is useful to understand the way
astigmatism is corrected with glasses, contact lenses or surgery.

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My eyesight did not recover by using the Bates Method. In fact, I did not know about Dr. Bates until five years after I restored my eyesight to normal. I only be- came aware of Dr. Bates‘s work when I started to develop Vision Training work- shops.


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More about progressive lenses.

Optometrists and ophthalmologists base their work on the Helmholtz (1855) theory that the ciliary muscle located around the lens is what enables the eye to focus. Also, this assumes that myopia and other vision problems can only be corrected by using glasses as optometry measures the refractive error and corrects it with glasses or contact lenses.

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