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What is normal eyesight?

Some studies have been done to determine what normal eyesight actually is. Interestingly, some of these were done in 1862 and some more recently and when we compare them we find that the graph is almost identical. However, there are some surprises because we have been conditioned to believe that our eyesight will fail at some point..

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Vision training - does it work?

There is no magic to this. Everyone, know that if you practise your tennis serve or your golf swing, you improve. In fact, all success in sports is due to training. Our eyesight is a function controlled by muscles, so there is no reason that training your ability to see should not work. .

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Meet your eye muscles

You may not realise it but your eye muscles are what make it possible for you to read this article. Most of the talk about vision evolves around the optical parts, especially the lens. However, the lens is only responsible for about 10% of your ability to focus, the cornea being responsible for the balance of 80%.

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My approach vs. The Bates Method

In order to be credible in a workshop one needs to present tools that are effective. People nowadays want instant improvement but the Bates Method is usually based on hourly sessions called Bates Lessons. I found that these are less efficient than two-day workshops, where people can obtain much better and, therefore, more motivating results.

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Anatomy of the eye

Vision is very important for just about everything you do. Such as reading this page, seeing what you have for dinner, seeing the one you love etc. We can hardly imagine what it would be like if we did not have the ability to see the world. Even the loss of colour is a major disadvantage. Imagine if the world was a black and white film.

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